A Lineage of Dragons

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This page is for videos of different levels of the Tien Shan Chi Kung system in addition to some Black Dragon forms. Black Dragon Chi Kung consist of some short chi kung exercise sets that come out of the vast Tien Shan Chi Kung system.

Free Qigong Videos

This page is for free videos of Black Dragon Chi Kung, which consist of some single chi kung exercises, called Zhan Zhuang, that are in the vast Tien Shan Chi Kung system. The ones that are offered for free are high energy, high power spiritual meditations.

The secretive chi kung master who was Bruce Lee's uncle and main kung fu teacher

This is aa fairly detailed explanation of why and how Mr. Yueng and Bruce were so close.

Descriptions of real Nei Kung

Two different yet accurate descriptions of what serious nei kung is like and how it can be used to become super healthy and full of energy, and much more.