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Yang Tai Chi as ART

This is an example of Yang Tai Chi, as developed by grandmaster Tchoung Ta Tchen, a general in the Chinese Army. He added some Chen style back into the Yang style, and I have added much more Chen flavor, plus the way of moving learned in Tien Shan Chi Kung. This video shows some repetitions and variations of the form which aare normally hidden, and it shows where the power comes from for some of the self defense applications.

Yang Tai Chi by Steve Gray

Chen Tai Chi

This is an example of Chen Tai Chi, as developed by Madam Gao Fu, an Official National Living Treasure of China. It is modified in a few ways, and it has black dragon flavoring added to it.

Chen Tai Chi by Steve Gray

Free High energy spiritual meditation videos

These videos are brief examples of high energy, high power meditations for the purpose of cultivating spiritual growth.

They increase the energy in your head, help open your third eye and crown point chakras, and make your head aura bigger. This makes people more psychic, more aware, more intelligent, and able to access their subconscious knowings.

They require muscular strength. If you practice you will find your strength increasing quickly.

This is an experiment. Many think they want spiritual growth even though they aren't sure what it is. All other types of meditations take decades or lifetimes because they are extremely low energy. Here we have some high energy, high power meditations for the sake of achieving fast growth, which are normally kept secret. These meditations are advanced methods which are traditionally not taught to students unless they spend a long time in the beginning stages, for very good reasons.

Others may have a good foundation in chi kung but in systems devoid of true spiritual methods. Those of you in this situation stand to benefit the most from these.

The reason I am offering these for free to the public at this time is because the world desperately needs as many people as possible to awaken as soon as possible. The experiment part to see if those who say they want it actually have the guts and determination to do it.

WARNING - Hi energy spiritual meditations can make people very emotional, so they are best suited for hermits living alone. Before you do these you should warn your friends and family about it, and be prepared to practice restraint! This kind of meditation can cause your blood pressure to go up so if you already have high blood pressure don't do it. Otherwise check your pressure from time to time.